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Tommy Jones is the leader of The New A-Team and the second oldest to Alicia Thompson. He is the brains of the team and is John "Hannibal" Smith's equal. He was to played by Andrew Jay and was the main character on The A Team: Plan B.

Biography Edit

Thomas "Tommy" Jones is the leader of the newest A-Team. He was the second from last person to join, before hiring their intern Max Gordon. He is always the first person to pull out a gun during a firefight. He is aslo the second strongest.

He was born in a small town in Ohio in 1999 to a Vietnam veteran and a real estate worker. He was what his parents called a "small, creative kid who could take care of himself." On The A Team: Plan B he is a student at Westside Combination School. He is a seventh grader at the start of the season and will be a ninth grader in Season 4.

Actors Edit

Thomas "Tommy" Jones was going to be played by Andrew Jay on the show. In the planned movie based on the show they were thinking about bringing back Andrew Jay or having somebody else. One of the biggest options for the movie is newcomer Ryan Stough. Right now it looks like Andrew Jay is going to be in the movie if production begins because he told LD Films that he "can't possibly imagine what will make him not return."

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