The team steals an experimental Soviet stealth fighter, and flies it back to the US. General Stockwell is kidnapped by his former partner, a Soviet spy, and tortured to find the location, while the team tries to find and rescue him. Murdock impersonates Frank Sinatra. He sings surprisingly well.

The guest star in this episode is David McCallum, who co-starred with Robert Vaughn in the 1960s spy show, "The Man From U.N.C.L.E." Vaughn played an American agent, McCallum played a Soviet one. The two were paired together to work against enemies who presented a threat to both countries.

Homages in this episode:

- The title of every UNCLE episode started with "The" and ended with "Affair."

- Vaughn plays an American agent who was partnered with a Soviet agent for a long time.

- Vaughn answers the phone when McCallum calls and says, "Open Channel D," which they said every time they used their communicators on UNCLE

- A brief flashback is shot in black and white, looking very much like a first-season UNCLE episode

- Transitions between major sequences are accompanied by a swish-pan of random lights and a fast bongo riff

- Each act break starts out with the title of the episode, the act number, and a dumb pun based on the events of the episode.

The obvious intention of the story is to have Napoleon Solo and Illya Kuryakin be enemies and go head to head, or at least to come as close to it as possible without breaking copyright.

A good deal of this episode doesn't make logical sense. We're told McCallum was Vaughn's partner "In the CIA." The CIA obviously doesn't use Soviet agents. We're also told about an event that hapened in Cuba during which, apparently, Vaughn was brainwashed. McCallum speaks of "The humiliation I suffered," but this isn't explained.

McCallum's character is presumed dead at the end of the episode, but a window is left open for him to return.

This is the episode Vaughn/Stockwell has the most to do in for the entire season.

Vaughn is looking a bit long in the tooth for his action sequences at the end.

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