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The New A-Team, or just The A-Team, is a group of teens hired by the police to defeat several crime bosses,drug dealers, and criminals. Their primary focus is finding The A-Team. The A-Team is made up of Thomas "Tommy" Jones, Alicia Thompson, Leo Smith, and Kyle Cato, as well as their intern and honourary member Max Gordon.

The A-Team was hired to track down the originals in turn for money, skipping school, and recoginition from the public. They all go to Westside Combination School and have a headquarters that has a weapons stash and rooms with beds as well as a kitchen and bathrooms. They recieve their orders and information from Officer Brown, a cop at the local sheriff's office and Westside's school resource officer.

The team's intern Max Gordon is an honourary member. In fact, Alicia Thompson and Tommy Smith consider him a member of the team.

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