A-Team episode
“The Bells of Saint Mary's”
Season 3, Episode # 11
Number (#48) in series (98 episodes)
Guest star(s)
Network: NBC-TV
Production code: 3.11
Writer(s) Stephen J. Cannell
Director(s) Dennis Donnelly
Original airdate December 4, 1984
IMDB The Bells of Saint Mary's
Episode chronology
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Sheriffs of Rivertown Hot Styles

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The A-Team are caught between a greedy record company, a top singing group and a school's top football player.


The girl group 'The Bells' is being harassed by record company owner Dave Luna. The A-Team finds out by accident because Face and B.A. are coaching the lead singer's kid brother. Hannibal poses as record producer Danny Diamond and soon finds out Luna is getting orders from a bigger fish. Face has to constrain himself not to hit on any of the girls in the group while Murdock takes to hero worshiping B.A


  • Special Guest Star: Joseph Wiseman as Zeke Westerland.

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