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Lynch's secretary informing Lynch that he has a call from Sosa

The A Team: Plan B was a planned A Team spin off series from LD Films. It was set to begin filming in April 2012 and was going to be a short-show set over twenty years after the events of the original A Team.

Plot Edit

Seventh grader Thomas "Tommy" Jones (Andrew Jay) is carrying his lunch to a table when a larger bully comes over and flips his tray over. This angers Jones and he begins a fight that the whole cafeteria watches. The school's resource officer, Officer Brown, watches the fight. After Jones wins, he asks Tommy to follow him to his office. When they arrive, three other students are sitting on a couch. There is Alicia Thompson (Lexi Ray), Kyle Cato, and Leo Smith. The officer informs them that he has brought them all there to hire them for a mission. There is apparently a drug bust that the police believe only the A-Team can handle. Officer Brown tells them that he needs them to use their brains and fighting skills to defeat several crime bosses and track down all members of the A-Team. He also informs them that they will have to become the NEW A-Team and that he will provide them with full academic credit for the school year, a headquarters, and a weapons stash to help in case they face an enemy with weapons. As they leave, they run into Max Gordon, a first grader, which reveals they all go to a combination school for preschool through high school. Max is a key character in the series and will basically be the new A-Team's intern and will give them all their information on the crime bosses.

The show was to premiere on April 7, 2012 on LD's official website until the show was cancelled due to the fact that LD Films had its earnings plunge downhill. The pilot was filmed, but is currently not in use. The creators are planning on picking up the project from where it left off if more earnings come in. Until then, this is a cancelled project.

Cast Edit

Thomas "Tommy" Jones - Andrew Jay

Alicia Thompson- Lexi Ray

Kyle Cato- N/A

Leo Smith- N/A

Max Gordon- Gavin Brodie

Officer Brown- N/A

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