A-Team episode
“Pros and Cons”
Season 1, Episode # 4
Number (#4) in series (98 episodes)
Guest star(s)
Network: NBC-TV
Production code: 1.04
Writer(s) Stephen J. Cannell
Director(s) Ron Satlof
Original airdate February 8, 1983
IMDB Pros and Cons
Episode chronology
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Children of Jamestown A Small and Deadly War

List of A-Team episodes


When the little brother of an old friend of B.A. needs help, Hannibal, Murdock, and B.A. arrange to be arrested and sent to prison.

Notable OrganizationsEdit

Los Angeles Courier Express


Warden Beale


Joey Tataro, the little brother of Jase Tataro


Face - Dr. Dwight Pepper, author and doctor of psychology

Hannibal - hollywood agent

Notable LocationsEdit

Strikersville Prison (Strikersville, Florida)

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