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Max Gordon is a character on The A Team: Plan B. He is the youngest member of the team and the team's intern. He is played by Gavin Brodie on the show and is an honorourary member.

Biography Edit

Max Gordon is the new A-Team's intern as well as an honourary member. He is a first grader at Westside Combination School. In Season 1 he is a first grader and in Season 4 he will be a third grader. He is the last person to join the team and gives The A-Team information that he recieves from Officer Brown. His character is close to Alicia Thompson.

Actors Edit

On The A Team: Plan B, Max Grdon is played by Gavin Brodie. There has been talk of dropping the role of Max for the possible film. If his character is put in the movie then he will either return or the role will be given to somebody else.

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