Lydia Lei
Lydia Lei
Lydia Lei
Vital information
Gender: Female
Career information
Occupation/Career: Actress
Years active: 1977-1988
Family/Personal information
Series connection
Appeared on/Involved with: The A-Team
Character/appeared as: Sun Yeng
Episodes appeared in: "The Maltese Cow" in Season 2

Lydia Lei appeared as Sun Yeng in the Season 2 episode of the NBC-TV series The A-Team titled "The Maltese Cow". Lydia is perhaps best known for roles in the films Doctor Detroit (1983, which co-starred Dan Akroyd and Howard Hesseman), Hammett (1982) and Cannonball Run II (1984).

External linksEdit

  • Lydia Lei at the Internet Movie Database (IMDb)

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