20th Century FoxAKMA Little Town With an Accent
A Nice Place to VisitA Small and Deadly WarAlive at Five
Amy Amanda "Triple A" AllenArmalite AR-18B.A. Baracus
B.A. Baracus (film)B.A. Baracus (television)Bad Time on the Border
Beneath the SurfaceBeretta 92FSBeretta Px4 Storm
Beverly Hills AssaultBlack Day at Bad RockBlood, Sweat, and Cheers
Body SlamBountyBradley Cooper
Breakout!Brian BloomBrock Pike
Bullets and BikinisChamp!Charissa Sosa
Children of JamestownChopping SpreeColonel Francis Lynch
Colt AndacondaCowboy GeorgeCrane
Cup a' JoeCurtain CallDeadly Maneuvers
Diamonds 'n DustDirk BenedictDishpan Man/The Court Martial (Part I)
Double HeatDwight SchultzEddie Velez
Family ReunionFather O'MalleyFire
Firing Line/The Court Martial (Part III)Frank LupoFrankie "Dishpan" Santana
General ChowGeneral Harlan FulbrightGeorge Peppard
H.M. "Howling Mad" MurdockH.M. "Howling Mad" Murdock (film)H.M. "Howling Mad" Murdock (television)
Hanibal SmithHarder Than It LooksHenry Mark Murdock
Holiday in the HillsHot StylesHunt Stockwell
In Plane SightIt's a Desert Out ThereIvan Trigorin
Jack GingJackie TaylorJames Hong
Jase TataroJessica BielJoe Carnahan
John "Hannibal" SmithJohn "Hannibal" Smith (film)John "Hannibal" Smith (television)
John FujiokaJon HammJudgement Day (Part I)
Judgement Day (Part II)Keye LukeKnights of the Road
Labor PainsLance LeGaultLease with an Option to Die
Liam NeesonLin Duk CooList of A-Team episodes
LudlamLydia LeiLynch's secretary
M1 GarandMaggie SullivanMain Characters
MakoMarjoe GortnerMarkie Post
Marla HeasleyMelinda CuleaMembers Only
Mexican Slayride (Part I)Mexican Slayride (Part II)Mike Post
Mind GamesMission of PeaceMoving Targets
Mr. LeeMr. TNatalie James
Norinco Type 56Norman AldenOne More Time
Para-Ordanance P-14 LimitedPatrick WilsonPoint of No Return
Pros and ConsPure-Dee PoisonQuarterback Sneak
Quinton "Rampage" JacksonRay BrennerRecipe for Heavy Bread
Road GamesRobert VaughnRoderick Decker
Sam YengSay It with BulletsScott Free Productions
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Semi-Friendly PersuasionSharlto CopleySheriffs of Rivertown
Showdown!Sister Theresa/Leslie BecktallSkins
Smith and Wesson Model 28 "Highway Patrolman"SteelStephen J. Cannell
Stephen J. Cannell ProductionsSun YengTawnia Baker
Templeton "Faceman" PeckTempleton "Faceman" Peck (film)Templeton "Faceman" Peck (television)
The A-TeamThe A-Team (2010 film)The A-Team (TV Series)
The A-Team Is Coming, the A-Team Is ComingThe A -Team WikiThe Aquamaniac
The Battle of Bel AirThe Beast from the Belly of a BoeingThe Bells of Saint Mary's
The Bend in the River (Part I)The Bend in the River (Part II)The Big Squeeze
The Crystal SkullThe Doctor Is OutThe Duke of Whispering Pines
The Grey TeamThe Heart of Rock n' RollThe Incident at Crystal Lake
The IslandThe Maltese CowThe Only Church in Town
The Out-of-TownersThe Rabbit Who Ate Las VegasThe Road to Hope
The Say U.N.C.L.E. AffairThe Say UNCLE AffairThe Sound of Thunder
The Spy Who Mugged MeThe Taxicab WarsThe Theory of Revolution
The Trouble with HarryThe White BallotThere's Always a Catch
There Goes the NeighborhoodThomas AngelTia Carrere
Tia FulbrightTill Death Do Us PartTim Dunigan
Timber!Trial by Fire/The Court Martial (Part II)Tricia O'Neil
Trouble BrewingTrouble on WheelsUncle Buckle-Up
Universal Media StudiosWaiting for Insane WayneWan Chu
Waste 'Em!Water, Water EverywhereWest Coast Turnaround
Wheel of FortuneWhen You Comin' Back, Range Rider? (Part I)When You Comin' Back Range Rider? (Part II)
Where Is the Monster When You Need Him?William LuckingWilliam Smith
Without ReservationsZastava M70AB2
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File:BRING BACK THE A TEAM Lieutenant Templeton Faceman Peck( Dirk Benedict) interview HDFile:BRING BACK THE A TEAM Sergeant First Class Bosco B A , or Bad Attitude, Baracus Mr T) interview HDFile:BRING BACK THE A TEAM THE REUNION ! HD
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