Hunt Stockwell
Hunt Stockwell, played by Robert Vaughn in the final season of "The A-Team" TV series.
Vital statistics
Gender: Male
Nationality/Race: American/Caucasian
Age: 50-60 years old, approximately
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 185 lbs.
Hair Color: Dark Brown, Greying
Blood type: O
Career/Military Information:
Job/Career: Heads the EIA (Enhanced Intelligence Assets) which draws its personnel from the DIA, CIA and FBI, which also puts him in charge of the A-Team, which he strongarms into performing missions for him, with the promise of having their AWOL and other military criminal charges dropped
Years active in job:  ????
Military Rank: Lt. General (O-8), U.S. Army Special Forces, ????-???? (retired)
Family/Personal Information:
Related to: N/A
Spouse(s): Divorced
Children:  ????
Hometown:  ????
Character Information:
Appeared on/in: The A-Team (TV series)
First appeared: "Dishpan Man" (TV series, Season 5)
Last appeared: "Without Reservations" (TV series, Season 5)
TV episodes appered in: 13 episodes in Season 5
Played by: Robert Vaughn
Hunt Stockwell is the A-Team's boss during the fifth and final season of the series, who blackmailed the team into working on an undefined number of top-secret government missions in return for their supposed eventual pardon. The part of Stockwell is played by veteran film/TV actor Robert Vaughn.


Stockwell heads the EIA (Enhanced Intelligence Assets) which draws its personnel from the DIA, CIA and FBI. He is rumored to be a 3 star general who turned down retirement as a 4 star general for this hands-on assignment reporting directly to the US President. He oversees an intelligence gathering network whose size is unknown. It is implied that he has operatives in many parts of the world. He also apparently has the ability to keep the military police and other law enforcement agencies from continuing to hunt the A-Team as they are working for him.

By extension, Stockwell also has access to the resources to provide the team with a house in Washington, D.C. as well as whatever travel documents, currency, weapons and equipment they may require for an assignment. Nothing is known about his background and/or how he is connected to the intelligence community and to whom he is accountable. It is known that he must report in on a daily basis to the U.S. President or his entire network will disappear. This may imply that he answers only to the President. He is mysterious, unpredictable, manipulative, cold and in many respects emotionally detached.

The team often feels that he is just using them for his own gains, leading them on with undefined terms for their supposed pardon (in the episode "Alive At Five," Face tires of this and plans to go it at alone, although eventually decides to stay). Often Stockwell will send the team out on various missions, usually contacting them from his luxury jet, but occasionally will take a more hands-on approach (such as the episode "Point Of No Return," when he leads the rest of the team to Hong Kong to find the missing Hannibal). His catchphrase was "(I'm going to do this...) My way."</span>


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