A-Team episode
“Holiday in the Hills”
Season 1, Episode # 9
Number (#9) in series (98 episodes)
Guest star(s)
Network: NBC-TV
Production code:
Writer(s) Babs Greyhosky
Director(s) Arnold Laven
Original airdate March 15, 1983
IMDB Holiday in the Hills
Episode chronology
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The Out-of-Towners West Coast Turnaround

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The team is heading home after another job well done. Unfortunately, Face didn't have time to secure the airplane for their ride home; Murdock did so, and did such a bad job that they crashed far off course. The locals proved hostile.

Notable OrganizationsEdit



Guatamalan government Rural South Carolinians




Face - unnamed priest

Notable LocationsEdit

Someplace possibly in South Carolina


No explanation is made as to why the plane was over South Carolina when it was flying from Guatemala to Los Angeles.

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