Frankie Santana
Dishpan man a team 290x400
Frankie Santana, as played by Eddie Velez.
Vital statistics
Gender: Male
Nationality/Race: American/Hispanic
Age: 1955 (1970 in film...?)
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 175 lbs.
Hair Color:
Blood type: A+
Nickname/Alias: "Dishpan", "Dishpan Man"
Career/Military Information:
Job/Career: Former U.S. Army Sergeant, Special Effects expert, who is coerced into joining forces with A-Team by General Hunt Stockwell
Years active in job: 1978 - present (?)
Military Rank: Sergeant (E-5), U.S. Army
Family/Personal Information:
Related to:  ????
Spouse(s): None/Single
Character Information:
Appeared on/in: The A-Team (TV series)
First appeared: Dishpan Man (Season 5, TV series)
Last appeared: Without Reservations (Season 5, TV series)
TV episodes appered in: 13 in Season 5 of series
Played by: Eddie Velez (TV Series)

Frankie "Dishpan" Santana appears in the final season, Season 5, of the NBC-TV series The A-Team. The part of Santana is played on the series by actor Eddie Velez.

About FrankieEdit

Frankie Santana was a Puerto Rican special effects expert who helps the A-Team during the series' final season. He was blackmailed into joining the team by Gen. Hunt Stockwell (Robert Vaughn) after he and Murdock helped the team escape the firing squad.

The character's early script name was "Frankie Sanchez", which filtered through to a number of coverage material. The character was also often given the nickname "Dishpan Man" (or simply "Dishpan") in much of the series' coverage, but while he was introduced as this in the fifth season opener, itself called "Dishpan Man", this nickname was very seldom used afterwards in the actual series.

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