A-Team episode
“Curtain Call”
Season 2, Episode # 23
Number (#37) in series (98 episodes)
Guest star(s)
Network: NBC-TV
Production code: 2.23
Writer(s) Stephen Katz
Director(s) Dennis Donnelly
Original airdate May 15, 1984
IMDB Curtain Call
Episode chronology
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Semi-Friendly Persuasion Bullets and Bikinis
(Season 3 premiere)

List of A-Team episodes


When Hannibal stops to gloat without checking to see if someone he knocked down was armed, Murdock ends up with a bullet in his gut. Colonel Decker is right behind them as they try to get Murdock into surgery. Various team members have flashbacks while waiting around.

Notable OrganizationsEdit

U.S. Army


Colonel Roderick Decker




Face - Bear Claw Jones

Memorable QuotesEdit

Decker: Captain, have you ever wondered why the A-Team manages to slip past us?
Crane: They're good, sir.
Decker: Naw, they're the best. They think as one, feel as one, and act as one.


This is a clip show.

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