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Alicia Thompson is a character on the short webshow The A Team: Plan B. She was to be played by Lexi Ray. She is Bosco "B. A." (Bad Attitude) Baracus' equivalent on the show. She is the oldest and strongest member of the team.

Biography Edit

On The A Team: Plan B Alicia Thompson is an eight grader in Season 1 and a tenth grader in Season 4. She is the strongest member of the team and is usually the one who accompanies Thomas "Tommy" Jones on missions when he decides that there should only be two people in case of risks.

She is a strong girl and can usually think almost as quickly as Tommy. She is the first member of the team to join since she has a reputation for getting in fights at school and for giving guys nosebleeds. She is a blue belt in karate. Her full name is Alicia Marie Thompson. She is the one that the team intern Max Gordon is closest to.

Actresses Edit

In The A Team: Plan B Alicia was going to be played by Lexi Ray. In the planned movie she is most likely returning to her role as Alicial Thompson.

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